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Business Internet

The great thing about our Business Internet Services, is that you can choose from our standard packages below or customize a specific solution. So in other words, we can provide as little or as much capacity as you need for your business. Don’t hesitate to call to discuss your needs especially if you need some guidance or are unsure what you need. We understand how important reliable access to the Internet has become for businesses. That is why we offer a secondary backup connection to ensure you are never without access to your valuable information!


5/5 Mbps


10/5 Mbps


20/5 Mbps

Stand-by Internet connection

Everyone has bad days, especially in business. Many of our customers have never experienced an outage while others have. So to ensure you stay connected, U-Link offers a simple stand-by connection for your business so you never go down. The only costs are $200 for hardware and $15/mo so if we ever go down, you simply plug it in and keep going about your day!

Voice services

Just like our Internet Service, we engineer every connection to be reliable and consistent. That being said, this means that you can run real time services on U-Link Internet and save money for your business! Our hosted VOIP service is a full featured system that works through cloud technology allowing you to avoid the expensive hardware expense of traditional PBX systems. Monthly services start at $35/mo and include a host of features including:

  • Call forwarding and routing
  • Custom hold music and messages
  • Custom ringtones
  • AutoAttendant
  • Call conferencing
  • And tons more!

Business link

How much could productivity be increased if offices under the same company were digitally linked together? Consider the possibility of being able to directly share important, even confidential information via a direct link from one office to another. We understand the traditional methods of having hard lines to share secure files from one office to another, however you can bypass all of that hassle with the installation and have your internet, phone systems, and separate offices linked together all on one private network, all wirelessly.

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